Default conditions

Based on Element dimensions

The Clock below will be active as long as the element has a minimum width of 275 pixels. Resize the browser window, if the width falls below 275 pixels the Clock will be unloaded.

<div data-module="ui/Clock"
     data-conditions="element:{min-width:275}"> ... </div>

Based on the availability of a pointer device

The Clock below will be activated the moment we detect the user has a fine pointer device like for example a mouse.

<div data-module="ui/Clock"
     data-conditions="pointer:{fine}"> ... </div>

Based on interaction proximity

The Clock below will be activated the moment the cursor moves within a distance of 150 pixels of the node. Because of the was statement, it will not be deactivated when the pointer moves away.

<div data-module="ui/Clock"
     data-conditions="pointer:{was near:150}"> ... </div>